Smell of the Week

Sunday funnies

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Super Janey

Janey B/Britannico was the superest superhero ever in the world, even more so than that Hurricane Fellow, and Mighty Molly? Pshhh! As well as Lucha Britannia stuff, she also did a bit of Eve. One match was against Portugals Perfect athlete, figured it was worth a bash to wind her up with some doodlepower. March […]

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Short shorts: Kawaii Krush

This short video came about one day at work, when I was in a situation where I could spend my time doing such frivolous things. That’s pretty much it in terms of “inspiration”. I just had some spare time, a desire to create something and, a load of footage from Psycho Lolita matches & backstage […]

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LuchaMania I

There’s probably going to be a few of these posts, I used to do a lot of wrestling stuff. These days I’ll knock out a piece or two for a character or person I dig ( for example, funky characters and great vibe) but it’s limited, not much in the business that inspires me and the […]

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Re-do do

I enjoy doing these from time to time, show the progress… Or lack of it This one is from February 2012… This was finished 5 minutes ago… I’d say I’ve improved a little.

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Blue grass

Album cover design December 2012. This was “fun” to do. Initial doodles were sent and approved, the caricatures were rough and mostly a guide of what to expect. Likenesses were never my forte… Still aren’t. If I did a good one it’s more luck than talent. With this I got lucky with one member of […]

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