Art dumping

Getting used to drawing on a tablet is a slow process,think I’ve caught up with my abilities using a pen and paper though Advertisements

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A fistful of ideas…

Editing work on the latest Burning Hearts FE shows has now been 99% completed, just the commentary to be added. This means I have no more excuses to put off my own projects. Aside from having to find a new job and an issue with my laptop to deal with I also threw in an […]

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Is it 2015 again?

This is how long it’s been, I’ve lost track of time and admittedly lost focus on everything I set out to do this year. I could blame the weather, or work, but it’s all to do with my Olympic level procrastination. This week however… Yes, I actually created something new and original. First podcast type […]

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Digi dump

Recently bought a tablet to try my hand at some digital art. The learning curve is a steep, due mostly to the tactile response of the stylus on the slick screen. No drag of the pen or pencil on paper leads to 2 or 3 attempts at drawing a nice balanced line, like I usually […]

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Midnight Snack

Midnight Snack A fake trailer made from an attempted short film project. Shot On Video style. I may have to do an outtake reel featuring Louie (dickhead cat) Midnight Snack. from Total Cult FIlms on Vimeo.  

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A few months back I was stuck at a hellish job in Battersea , I’d hit a block on everything creative. Possibly because of stress and a depressive environment I was having to deal with on shift.  This was the point I read about keeping a creative journal to help facilitate a flow of thought, […]

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Total Christmas! 

While it wasn’t the first video I did, I’d be silly not to start this “directors commentary” thing with the “Black Christmas Party Crasher” video Black Christmas Party Crasher from Total Cult FIlms on Vimeo. Back story, I was asked to help out on video to promote Psycho Lolitas appearance at BEWs Britain’s Rising show. […]

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