Recently went back to using pens, spent an hour trying to draw something on the tablet and just couldn’t. Just drawing a straight line looked odd so I pulled out a biro and doodled. Felt good so I changed up my technique a little… Slightly backwards way of doing things but it works for me […]

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Zombie cat eggs and ham

10/10/10 It was a unique date, not just because it’s the same number repeated 3 times, but it was the debut of my first comic series the “Devil Dolls”. A series that while not exactly setting the world ablaze as I once thought it would, is still special to me. The first issue was titled […]

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Super Janey

Janey B/Britannico was the superest superhero ever in the world, even more so than that Hurricane Fellow, and Mighty Molly? Pshhh! As well as Lucha Britannia stuff, she also did a bit of Eve. One match was against Portugals Perfect athlete, figured it was worth a bash to wind her up with some doodlepower. March […]

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Short shorts: Kawaii Krush

This short video came about one day at work, when I was in a situation where I could spend my time doing such frivolous things. That’s pretty much it in terms of “inspiration”. I just had some spare time, a desire to create something and, a load of footage from Psycho Lolita matches & backstage […]

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